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Chef K Product : A Decade of Flavors - Our History

Hello, I’m Karen Williams, the CEO of Chef K Product. Our journey began in 2009 in New York, and now we call Waterbury, CT home. Our signature products, Chef K Sorrel Drink, Ginger Punch, and Jams, are crafted with love from hibiscus, ginger, and turmeric. Sorrel is cherished in tropical regions, and we brought its refreshing taste to the world. Later, we introduced Ginger Punch with Fresh Turmeric, known for immune-boosting qualities. We offer various sizes with a shelf life of two years, no preservatives, alcohol, or additives. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Chef K Product: Our Mission

Chef K mission is to tackle the changes and expectations of the consumers in the food and beverage industry, by creating a safe, healthy and tasty product as well as establish a dominant market share in the health and wellness Food and beverage market, by using natural ingredients “Just the way you would brew it’’ organically grown and applying innovative manufacturing techniques to extract all nutrients to aide in the prevention illness they have or want to prevent in the future.

Chef K Product: Our Vision

Our vision is to create a product line of foods and Beverages for customers who are now eating and drinking to take care of a specific type of problem they may have now or want to prevent in the future.

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Karen Williams


Karen Williams, Our head chef and CEO of Chef Karen products, wishing you a healthy and enjoyable life.

Alejandra P.singh

Vice President

A nice and friendly guy is waiting for you at our physical shop to help you about our products and services.

Phillip Fraser

Operations Manager

Alana Willams has 5 years of working experience as an assistant Chef. Who is working with us more than 3 years.

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